CDE Working Papers - 1998
Steven P. Martin and Lawrence L. Wu. The Subsequent Fertility of Adolescent Mothers in the United States
Robert M. Hauser, Jennifer T. Sheridan, and John Robert Warren. Socioeconomic Achievements of Siblings in the Life Course: New Evidence from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study. Abstract
John DeLamater, David Wagstaff, and Kayt Klein Havens.  The Impact of a Culturally Appropriate, STD/AIDS Education Intervention on Black Male Adolescents' Sexual and Condom Use BehaviorAbstract
John Robert Warren, Robert M. Hauser, and Jennifer T. Sheridan. The Process of Occupational Stratification Across the Life Course: Evidence from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study
Miech, Richard A., Avshalom Caspi, Terrie E. Moffitt, Bradley E. Wright, and Phil A. Silva. Low Socioeconomic Status and Mental Disorders: A Longitudinal Study of Selection and Causation during Young Adulthood. Abstract
Miech, Richard A. and Robert M. Hauser. Social Class Indicators and Health at Midlife. Abstract
98-07 Revised, new title and content, August 2002
Robert M. Hauser. Meritocracy, Cognitive Ability, and the Sources of Occupational Success
Joseph G. Grzywacz and Nadine F. Marks. Family, Work, Work-Family Spillover and Alcohol Abuse During Midlife. Abstract
Molly Martin. The Intergenerational Relationship of Welfare Participation. Abstract
Published as: Martin, Molly A. 2003. "The Role of Family Income in the Intergenerational Association of AFDC Receipt." Journal of Marriage and Family, 65: 326-340..
Shawn Kanaiaupuni and Katharine Donato. Migradollars and Mortality: Migration and Infant Survival in Mexico. Abstract
Alberto Palloni. Theories and Models of Diffusion in Sociology
98-12 Updated April 2010
Hauser, Robert M. Intergenerational Economic Mobility in the United States: Measures, Differentials, and Trends. Abstract
Steven P. Martin. Survey Estimates of the Contraceptive Effect of Breastfeeding in the United States. Abstract
Thomas Wells. Changes in Occupational Sex Segregation During the 1980s and 1990s. Abstract
Note 1: A number of coding errors have been discovered and corrected since the original version of this working paper. Please discard that version, it will be replaced on the web soon.
Published: Bumpass, Larry and Hsien-Hen Lu. 2000. "Trends in cohabitation and implications for children's family contexts in the United States." Population Studies 54(1): 29-41.
Larry Bumpass and Hsien-Hen Lu. Trends in Cohabitation and Implications for Children’s Family Contexts in the U.S.
Amy L. Godecker, Elizabeth Thomson, Larry L. Bumpass. Changing Unions and Female Contraceptive Sterilization in the United States.
Published as: Godecker, Amy L., Elizabeth Thomson, and Larry L. Bumpass. 2001. "Union Status, Marital History, and Female Contraceptive Sterilization in the United States." Family Planning Perspectives 33:35-41,49.
Paul R. Voss, Roger B. Hammer, and Ann M. Meier. A Welfare Magnet and Brain Drain? A Case Study of Migration in a Medium Sized Metropolitan Area
Steven T. Cook, Enilda Arbona Delgado, Gary D. Sandefur. Coping with a Pre-Maritally Conceived Birth. Abstract
Carolyn A. Liebler and Gary D. Sandefur. Exchanging Social Support with Friends, Neighbors, and Coworkers. Abstract
Susan De Vos. Kinship Ties and Solitary Living Among Unmarried Elderly Women: Evidence from Chile and Mexico. Abstract
Susan De Vos. Nuptiality in Latin America: The View of a Sociologist and Family Demographer
Devah Pager. Occupational Apartheid: Persisting Racial Segregation in Jobs Beyond the Effects of Human Capital
Lina Guzman. The Use of Grandparents As Child Care Providers
Richard A. Miech, Michael J. Shanahan, and Glen H. Elder, Jr. Socioeconomic Status and Depression in Life-Course Perspective. Abstract
Joseph G. Grzywacz and Nadine F. Marks. Work, Family, and Exercise: Toward an Ecological Perspective. Abstract
Kristen Velyvis. The Sexual Networks of Migrant Serere Women and the Spread of HIV in Senegal. Abstract
Ann D. Bagchi. Women at Work: A Study of the Factors Influencing Women's Employment, 1972-1985
Ann D. Bagchi. Ties and Opportunities: The Effects of Legislative, Personal and Economic Conditions on the Development of Migrant Networks Among Professionals
98-29 Revised July 1999
Lincoln Quillian. Migration and the Maintenance of Racial Segregation. Abstract
Doris Slesinger and Julie Whitaker. A Portrait of Family Farmers in Wisconsin
Paula Fomby. Bringing the Household into the Population and Environment Debate: The Environmental Effects of Timing Migration According to the Household Life Cycle. Abstract
Paula Fomby. Determinants of the Use of Public Services by Mexican Immigrants Traveling Alone and with Family Members

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