Germany (N = 23)

Anti-Abortion Groups:

Dr. Wolfgang Furch, Pro-Vita

Margriet de Haan, Catholic Women's Association Dr. Rudolf Hammerschmidt, German CatholicBishops Conference

Christa Heinel, Rahel (Rachel)

Benno Hofschulte, SOS-Leben Deutschland (SOS-Life)

Renate Neuhierl, Women's Union of the CSU

Dr. Felix Raabe, Central Committee of German Catholics

Hartmut Steeb, Union of Christian Pro Life Groups / Christian Alliance

Pro-Abortion Rights Groups:

Joachim von Baross, Pro Familia,national level

Marion Buchner, Pro Familia, Augsburg

Dr. Hertha Engelbrecht, Women's Law Association

Rita Griesshaber, Alliance90/Green Party

Gabriel Kruk, Women's Health Center, Frankfurt am Main

Regina Linzbach, Federal Network for the Abolition of §218, Berlin

Vera Morgenstern, ÖTV (Public Employees Union)

Anne Neugebauer, local group for abolition of §218, Münster

Ingeburg Gruender-Schaefer, AWO (Worker's Welfare), Kassel

Christina Schenk, PDS (Party of Democratic Socialism)

Karen Schoeler, AWO (Worker's Welfare), national level


Thomas Krueger, Lutheran Church of Germany

Ada-Maria Mathé, Diakonisches Werk (Lutheran social services), Hessen-Nassau

Annegret Wanka, Working Group of State-approved Counseling Services, Munich

Dr. Inge Wolf, Women Doctors' Association


United States (N = 20)

Anti-Abortion Groups:

Helen Alvare, National Conference of Catholic Bishops

Flip Benham, Operation Rescue

Denise Ciocilonne, National Life Center (Birthright)

Serrin Foster, Feminists for Life

Wanda Franz, National Right to Life Committee

Scott Hogenson, Republican National Committee

Pro-Abortion Rights Groups:

Carol Campbell, National Abortion Federation

Rosemary Candelario, Reproductive Rights National Network (R2N2)

Charlotte Elliotson , Heather O'Neal, and Karen Steinam, Population Council

Darrel Figueroa, Planned Parenthood

Kim Gandy, National Organization for Women (NOW)

Jane Hull Harvey, United Methodist Church

Heather Hauck, Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW)

Jay Heavner, Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (formerly, Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights)

Jennifer Jackman, Fund for a Feminist Majority

Frances Kissling and John O'Brien, Catholics for a Free Choice

Lawrence Lader, Abortion Rights Mobilization

Robert and Jana, Refuse and Resist.

Emily Tynes, Communications Consortium Media Center

Catherine Wineset, Louise Mellen, and Sheryl Cohen, ACLU Reproductive Rights Project




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United States

Linda Greenhouse, The New York Times

David Shaw, Los Angeles Times

Karen Tumulty (former staff member, Los Angeles Times; presently, Congressional correspondent for Time Magazine.