Shaping Abortion Discourse

Democracy and the Public Sphere in Germany and the United States


By: Myra Marx Ferree, William A. Gamson, Jürgen Gerhards, and Dieter Rucht

Cambridge University Press 2002

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Chart 5.2: Standing for Non-State, Party Speakers over Time by Country

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Table 5.3: Social Movement Organizations in Germany and the United States:
Comparing Resources and Media Sophistication





Median budget in $1000's [1] 15.6 600
Median paid staff 0 3
Staff has media experience [2] 24% 64%
We contact journalists [2] 24% 64%
Journalists call us [2] 6% 77%
Mean press releases 4% 9%
Mean press conferences 90% 7%
Mean journalist contacts 4% 9%
Media not interested in us [2] 65% 18%
Actively work to influence national media [2] 29% 86%
National media are central target [2] 35% 68%
Number of organizations surveyed 17% 22%

[1] N = 10 for Germany and 17 for United States

[2] Percentage saying "completely true" or "somewhat true"

This table only includes social movement organizations as classified by TYPEGRP

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