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workshop: new perspectives on gender and human security
March 19-20, 2010

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New Perspectives on Gender and Human Security Workshop

University of Wisconsin-Madison
March 19-20, 2010


Workshop announcements:

Friday, March 19th 9am-5pm
Saturday, March 20th 9am-12:30pm

The Pyle Center Auditorium
716 Langdon St. Madison, WI

This workshop features cutting edge work that engages with or adopts a gendered approach to the study of human security, i.e., threats to people’s livelihood, well-being and bodily integrity resulting, for example, from conflict of all kinds, environmental degradation, the spread of infectious diseases, massive population movements, economic decline, food insecurity, and physical violence.

Although conventional notions of security have tended to focus on protecting states from external attack, the concept of human security looks at a broader range of insecurities that individuals and communities face in the context of violence, whether interpersonal, intergroup or international. Perspectives on gender through the lens of human security — rather than or in addition to rights-based or empowerment-centered frames — may raise new questions or offer different strategic choices.

Participants include: Keera Allendorf (University of Michigan), Rae Blumberg (University of Virginia), Lisa D. Brush (University of Pittsburg), Isabel Casimiro (Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique), Karen Engle (University of Texas School of Law), Narda Henríquez (Catholic University, Peru), Natalie F. Hudson (University of Dayton), Helen Kinsella (UW–Madison), Susana Lastarria-Cornhiel (UW–Madison), Katharine H.S. Moon (Wellesley College), Carol Mueller (Arizona State University), Fionnuala D. Ní Aoláin (University of Minnesota Law School), V. Spike Peterson (University of Arizona), Gay Seidman (UW–Madison), Valerie Sperling (Clark University), Elizabeth Stites (Tufts University), Mangala Subramaniam (Purdue University), and Annick T.R. Wibben (University of San Francisco).

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Faculty co-leaders are Professors Christina Ewig (Gender & Women’s Studies and Political Science), Myra Marx Ferree (Sociology), and Aili Mari Tripp (Director, Center for Research on Gender & Women, Political Science, and Gender & Women’s Studies).

Sponsored by the International Gender Policy Research Circle, a multi-national project called Transatlantic Applied Research on Gender Equity Training (TARGET), and the Center for Research on Gender and Women at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Co-sponsored by the African Studies Program, the Center for European Studies, the Center for Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia (CREECA), the Center for East Asian Studies, the European Union Center of Excellence (EUCE), and the Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program (LACIS).

The Gender and International Policy Research Circle is a research circle on the UW-Madison campus, supported by Global Studies and the International Institute.