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past speakers


past speakers

2009-2010 speakers:

09.24.09 Diane Elson, Professor of Sociology at the University of Essex (UK). Talk 1: "Gender Dimensions of the Global Financial Crisis." Talk 2: "Gender Dimensions of the Global Financial Crisis: Middle and Low Income Countries"

10.05.09 Alicia Ziffer, UN-INSTRAW Community of Practice Specialist. Talk 1: "Gender Training Community of Practice: Learning through Dialogue." Talk 2: "Working as a 'Gender Expert'"

10.21.09 Miriam A. Glucksmann, Professor of Sociology at the University of Essex (UK). Talk: "'Women on the Line': Revisited. Changes and Continuities in Women's Work."

11.10.09 Dr. Flavia Agnes, Attorney, Bombay High Court. Talk: "Women's Rights and Legal Advocacy in India."

11.16.09 Sally Kenney, Professor, Department of Law and Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs University of Minnesota Director, Center on Women and Public Policy. Talk 1: "Making the Case for Women Judges." Talk 2: "Teaching and Writing Case Studies on Women and Social Change: the Case of the Northern Ireland Women's Coalition."

11.17.09 Caren Grown, Economist-In-Residence at American University. Talk 1: "Financing Gender Equality: Keeping Promises in Times of Economic Crisis." Talk 2: "Working as a 'Gender Expert.'"

12.02.09 Virginia Vargas, Tinker Visiting Scholar (Catolica Universidad, Peru). Talk: "Feminisms, Democracy and Diversity in Latin America in the XXI Century."

03.19.10 - 03.20.10 The New Perspective on Gender and Human Security Workshop. [Participants]

2008-2009 speakers:

04.08.09 Dr. Shireen Hassim, Professor of Political Studies at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. Talk 1: "Consensus, Contention and Gender in South Africa's Public Sphere." Talk 2: "Gender Mainstreaming and Feminist Knowledge Transfer in South Africa."

03.31.09 Marceline Kongolo-Bice, Founder of SOS Femmes en Dangers, Democratic Republic of Congo. "SOS: Women at Risk in Congo Wars."

11.05.08 Dr. Flavia Agnes, Fo-founder and Director of MAJLIS, legal and cultral resource center in Bombay, India. "Women's Rights & Legal Advocacy: Lessons from India."

09.30.08 Virginia Vargas, Founder of the Center for the Peruvian Women Flora Tristán

09.29.08 Louise Morley, Professor of Education University of Sussex, UK. "Conceptualizing and Critiquing Gender Mainstreaming Discourses."

09.04.08 Grace Puja, Professor in the Department of Educational Foundations University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. "School Girl Pregnancies in Tanzania: Views of Ex-Pregnant Students"


2007-2008 speakers:

06.19.08 Mieke Verloo, Professor in the Institute for Gender Studies, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, and member of QUING: Gender equality in the European Union

04.19.08 Sylvia Walby, Professor of Sociology, Lancaster University, UK, and principle investigator of QUING: Gender equality in the European Union

04.04.08 Carmen Diana Deere, Director of the Center for Latin American Studies, University of Florida   

03.24.08 Julissa Mantilla, Lawyer and Professor of Law and Gender, Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Peru and member of the Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commission

12.14.07 Karen Kapusta-Pofahl, Ph.D. in Sociocultural Anthropology, University of Minnesota

10.15.07 Gioconda Herrera, Professor of Gender Studies, FLACSO, Ecuador. "Stories of inclusion and exclusion: Ecuadorian domestic workers in Spain."

10.01.07 Nancy Kendall, Assistant Professor of Educational Policy Studies, UW Madison