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TARGET: transatlantic applied research in gender equity training


about us

research circle

The Gender and International Policy Research Circle is research circle on the UW-Madison campus, supported by Global Studies and the International Institute.

The circle seeks to bring together graduate students and faculty with an interest in gender and policy in local, national and comparative international perspective. Our goal is to serve as an intellectual space for discussion of issues of gender and policy, widely-conceived.

Our agenda is led by the participants, and we invite all interested members of the UW community to become involved. Currently we have members with regional interests in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States. Please see our Activities & Events page for upcoming events and past speakers. We will also be planning a workshop in the Fall of 2009.

our partner: TARGET

A key component of the Gender and International Policy Research Circle is the Transatlantic Applied Research in Gender Equity Training (TARGET) project. TARGET is a collaborative project of the Gender and Women's Studies Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Women's Studies Program at Northeastern University in the US, and the QUING network of the European Union. For more on TARGET, click here.

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