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Professor Pamela Oliver

Department of Sociology

Sociology 220

Outline of Lecture Topics

Spring 2012

(Revised 4/19/12 )

NOTES: This schedule is subject to change. I will keep it updated. Rows in pink have the "final" version of lecture notes to be presented in class. Rows in white are subject to further editing and updating. REMEMBER if you are doing a make-up, talk to other students to be sure you know what actually happened in class. Sometimes the web site is wrong or has not been updated yet.


Date Topic and Links to Notes
Jan 24 Tues Introduction to the course & grading 1) Also went over the syllabus. If you are doing a make-up be sure you understand it. I talked some about myself - ask other students about this. Slides
Jan 26 Thur

Race is socially constructed + names. "guess the race" quiz from Race, the Power of an Illusion found on PBS web site: http://www.pbs.org/race/002_SortingPeople/002_00-home.htm (3) BeginSocial Construction of Race + Names Slides/Notes Got through Blacks.

Jan 31 Tues Continued race names (slides from last class). Immigrant Identities (finished grandchildren; will wrap up politics in the next class)
Feb 2 Thur

(1) finish up overview of politics of immigrant generations. (slides from last class). Spent time at the beginning on issues that came up in the journals.

(2) Models of action graphs

(3) Inter-group conflict & group formation

(4) Sketch the history of migration to America, ancient American History, & construction of the US as a Racial State 1770-1865 I did not actually get very far into this, mostly just the beginning about "racial state", the Native people being here a long time, and disease.

also see longer notes on Overview of American Indian History Part I.See also 1491 by Charles C. Mann link to Atlantic.com copy of article summarizing his book (which I drew on for my lecture) Local PDF copy of this article

Feb 7 Tue Film: In the Spirit of Crazy Horse Videos Used in Class gives information about finding copies of the videos used in class
Feb 9Thur Introduce analyzing controversial issues .General lecture with Black Hills as the main example.
Feb 14 Tues

Overview of American Indian History Part I. Mostly 19th century conquest, displacement.

Feb 16 Thur Continued from last class. American Indian History 20th Century getting to current issues.American Indian history after 1960, bridge into current issues, including family pictures which I don't put on the web. Ask fellow students. (assume you read Cornell)(Book: finish Cornell) NOTE: I AM REWORKING THESE SLIDES A BIT AND WILL POST UPDATES AFTER CLASS
Feb 21 Tues Ended with Casinos & Treaty rights. Bridge from AmerInds to AfAms with dimensions of resistance + tactics. .Ended with a short intro to the African American responses.
Feb 23 Thur I plan to begin by talking about consequences of history. A bBegin African American History. I plan to shorten the discussion of the 19th century to get to current issues more quickly. This is a PDF handout of the whole slide set which will take several classes to go through.
Feb 28 Tue Library lectureLecturer is the social science librarian, Tom Durkin, who will be addressing the issues specific to this class. Updated Library guide for this class is also accessible through a link from my.wisc.edu or learn@UW.
Mar 1Thur continue African Americans emphasizing historical & present day separatists and integrationists.
Mar 6 Tue An Episode of Eyes on the Prize. See Videos Used in Class What was actually shown was the 2nd half Ain't Scared of your Jails (Ep3) of and the first half of No Easy Walk (ep 4)
Mar 8 Thur African American History after 1965. Clips of Los Angeles riot, Malcolm X, Discussion of riots. Current issues, politics. Got to but didn't quite wrap up 1970s. Lots of discussion of politics.
Mar 13 Tue

(book Morris) Black issues in the 1990s, 2000s. Opening recruitment for a study. Opening discussion on Malcolm X, Black power, White responses, people who changed. Politics of race, racialization of politics. graphs and charts about economic trends and mobility. LA riots 1992, video clips of beating of Rodney King and subsequent riots; multi-ethnic dynamics. Katrina etc. Obama. Policing, "driving while Black." Current issues that affect African Americans but also Latinos and others Economic trends.

Mar 15 Thur

Material from journals about recent cases of shooting of unarmed Black men who seemed "dangerous", symbols (Confederate flag), etc. personal discussions. Affirmative action.1) Graphic on median income of full-time workers by race, sex, education.2)Lecture notes on discrimination & affirmative action in employment Got through the first discrimination study.

Mar 20 Tues Opening discussions.Continue employment Black Employers.3) Lecture notes on college admissions Current issues that affect African Americans but also Latinos and others. Affirmative Action in Employment.
Mar 22 Thurs

(begin Acuña) Some opening comments from journal about employment issues, murders and education.Finished affirmative action in education. Brief review of segregation.Patterns of segregation. (See also Also Chicago Segregation.)

Mar 27 Tues

I began by showing updated segregation maps. You can see the 10 most segregated cities here .

Then I reviewed 19th and early 20th century Mexican-American history.

Mar 29 Thurs An episode of Chicano! I show "Taking Back the Schools"
Apr 10 Tues (Acuña) Guest speaker: Muslim woman
Apr 12 Thurs

To connect with speaker, Brief on Religion (slides) and also quickly reviewed Muslims and Middle Eastern Americans (the slides are at the end of the Asian American slides, linked below)

Apr 17 Tuesday (begin Takaki) Then back to Latinos/Hispanics. Finished Mexican Americans (the second half of the slides)
Apr 19 Thurs Latinos/Hispanics. The first half of these slides (we have already done the second half)
Apr 24 Tues Asians- Americans. Slides about income, language etc and then discussions of different groups Asians- American history.
Apr 26 Thurs more on Asian Americans.
May 1 Tues Film: Who Killed Vincent Chin. This film will be turned on promptly at 2:30 and will run 5 minutes over. It is the only day class will go long.
May 3 Thurs (finish Takaki) Asians, immigrants and new minorities
May 10 Tues TBA
May 12 Thurs Last Day Issues Last Day Reflections (Older Last Day Handout (PDF))
  Possible topicThen I showed Patterns of segregation. Also Chicago Segregation. I talked about redlining and official support for segregation (not in lecture slides except as a single bullet point: I said more than is on the slides). I posed the question: why so much segregation after the civil rights movement? Then I backed up into the civil rights and riot era to develop the discussion.
  Other Theoretical Lecture notes provide more background for those interested (we will return to some of this regarding Black & other movements). Tactics & Responses Basic Social Movement Concepts. Maybe: Beyond multiculturalism: Understanding inter-group conflict. Standpoints, power relations. [New theoretical lecture] (1) (2) Introduce theoretical concepts for analyzing social issues
  Guest speaker: KaShia Moua on Hmongs (slides)
Mar 22 Thurs


DATE TopicNotes, links

2. Economic inequality and affirmative action Affirmative action & employment Discrimination Lecture notes on trends in education. Lecture notes on employment discrimination & affirmative action in employment

2. Economic Inequality Slides. These graphs are printed 2/page and are easier to read in color. Color or Black& White

3. Affirmative Action. a) Lecture outline only .rtf file b) Graphics only, pdf file printed 2/page, graphics easier to read in color. Color or Black & White

  1. Affirmative Action in Employment
2. Educational inequality
3. Affirmative action in education
4. Race & admission at UW
Affirmative Action. For the whole lecture, you will want BOTH outline AND graphics. a) Lecture outline only .rtf file b) Graphics only, pdf file printed 2/page, graphics easier to read in color. Color or Black & White
  Crime, segregation issuesCrime & Segregation Lecture Slides
  1. Criminal Justice Lecture handouts (PDF 6/page)
  2. For other materials & formats, see the "disparities" section of my web site
  Film "Racism 101"Videos




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