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Pamela Oliver
Sociology Dept
1180 Observatory Dr. Madison, Wisconsin



Professor Pamela Oliver

Department of Sociology

Sociology 357  Methods of Sociological Inquiry

The core of this course is three data collection exercises: a field observation, a questionnaire, and a field experiment.  You also do a methodological analysis of a professional research article.The summer term version of this course has been adapted to fit into the four-week format, including replacing the article analysis assignment with a final examination.


Course Materials for Summer 2004
(Modfied for Summer Term Over Regular Syllabus)

Note: Paper copies of all materials will be distributed in class (*) or available for purchase in the course workbook packet.

HTML for viewing on line (click on item to view it) PDF files for printing (click on item to view it or right-click to save it to a file)
Summer syllabus* Summer syllabus (includes schedule)*
Summer daily schedule of assignments (reading and writing)*  
Field Observation of People or Documents* Field Observation of People or Documents*
Experiment  Experiment 
Questionnaire  Questionnaire
Lecture Notes Lecture Notes

Researching Sociology 


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