Empirical Exchange Rate Models

September 28-29, 2001

University of Wisconsin - Madison, Fluno Center



    The aim of the conference is to assess where we stand twenty years after Meese and Rogoff’s “Empirical Exchange Rate Models of the Seventies: Do They Fit Out of Sample?” (Journal of International Economics, February 1983.  The conference brings together leading researchers in international macroeconomics who will present new empirical papers that examine exchange-rate behavior in the context of economic models.

    The conference papers will comprise a special issue of the Journal of International Economics for February 2003 (the 20th anniversary of the Meese-Rogoff paper.)  


Schedule of Papers and Presentations

Papers in PDF format



Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)

Clausen Center, UC-Berkeley

Federal Reserve Board

University of Wisconsin School of Business



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