WLS Data Documentation

NEW Documentation for WLS Cross-Wave Harmonized Rosters

View documentation regarding cross-wave harmonized rosters.

Apply for access to the WLS DNA Data.

Please email wls@ssc.wisc.edu for instructions on how to apply. For a list of the SNPs currently available see this.

Supplementary Documentation

View supplementary documents for data collected about the respondents.
These data include: Relative body mass index, attractiveness, and H.S. activities from the 1957 H.S. yearbooks; Job and college characteristics; female graduates' work histories; high school district resources; disability claims forms; life history and health at midlife; and area resources file.

Documentation for the WLS 13.04 Release

Conventions NEW WLS USERS please read this.
Learn about variable naming and missing value conventions used in the WLS datasets.

Please see this Change Notice for details regarding the latest release. See complete list of all change notices.

Browse codebooks grouped by collection wave.

Flowcharts and Questionnaires
Visually browse all survey instruments used to collect data from WLS participants since 1957.

Scales (PDF)
Information about the scales constructed from the WLS data.

Retention and Response Rates (PDF)
Various ways of calculating retention and response rates of WLS 1957-2011.

Read detailed information about WLS data collection and variable creation.

Search for variables in the WLS dataset.

Issues with the Data

Issues with the data or documentation? Let us know.
Please contact us if you notice any problems with the data or documentation.