Chaeyoon Lim

Chaeyoon Lim


Soc 220 Ethnic Movements in the US
Soc 250 Organizations and Society
Soc 357 Methods of Sociological Inquiry (Honors)
Soc 357 Methods of Sociological Inquiry
Soc 360 Statistics for Sociologists I
Soc 543 Collective Behavior

Associate Professor of Sociology
8144 Sewell Social Sciences
(608) 263-5146
Office Hours: R 2-4 (Spr'15)

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:
Lim, Chaeyoon. Forthcoming. "Counting the Faithful: Measuring Local Religious Contexts in the U.S." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.

Lim, Chaeyoon, and Thomas Sander. 2013. "Does Misery Love Company? Civic Engagement in Economic Hard Times." Social Science Research 42: 14-30.

Lim, Chaeyoon, and Carol Ann MacGregor. 2012. "Religion and Volunteering in Context: Disentangling the Contextual Effects of Religion on Voluntary Behavior." American Sociological Review 77: 747-779.

Lim, Chaeyoon, and Robert D. Putnam. 2010. "Religion, Social Networks, and Subjective Well-Being." American Sociological Review 75(6): 914-933.
-->This article was featured in Time, USA Today, U.S. News, Washington Post, CNN and other numerous news media.

Lim, Chaeyoon, Carol Ann MacGregor, and Robert D. Putnam. 2010. "Secular and Liminal: Discovering Heterogeneity among Religious Nones." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 49(4): 596-618
-->The recipient of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion's annual Distinguished Article Award in 2011

Lim, Chaeyoon. 2010. "Mobilizing on the Margin: How Does Interpersonal Recruitment Affect Citizen Participation in Politics." Social Science Research 39(2): 341-355.

Andrews, Kenneth T., Marshall Ganz, Hahrie Han, Matthew Baggetta, and Chaeyoon Lim. 2009. "Civic Associations That Work: The Contributions of Leadership to Organizational Effectiveness." American Journal of Sociology. 115(4).

Lim, Chaeyoon. 2008. "Social Networks and Political Participation: How Do Networks Matter?" Social Forces 82(2): 961-981.

Ph.D., Sociology, 2007, Harvard University

Departmental Areas of Interest:
Political Sociology
Social Movements and Collective Behavior
Methods and Statistics
Organizational and Occupational Analysis