Adam Gamoran

Adam Gamoran


Soc 908 Seminar in Sociology of Education

MacArthur Professor of Sociology and Educational Policy Studies, Emeritus
Director, Wisconsin Center for Education Research
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Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:
Gamoran, Adam, Editor. (2007). Standards-Based Reform and the Poverty Gap: Lessons for No Child Left Behind. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press.

Shavit, Yossi, Richard Arum, and Adam Gamoran, Editors. (2007). Stratification in Higher Education: A Comparative Study. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.

Gamoran, Adam, Charles W. Anderson, Pamela A. Quiroz, Walter G. Secada, Tona Williams, and Scott Ashmann. (2003). Transforming Teaching in Mathematics and Science: How Schools and Districts Can Support Change. New York: Teachers College Press.

Hallinan, Maureen T., Adam Gamoran, Warren Kubitschek, and Tom Loveless, Editors. (2003). Stability and Change in American Education: Structure, Process, and Outcomes. Clinton Corners, NY: Eliot Werner Publications.

Ph.D., Education, University of Chicago, 1984

Center for Jewish Studies
Educational Policy Studies
Institute for Research on Poverty
Integrated Liberal Studies
Interdisciplinary Training Program in Education Sciences
Wisconsin Center for Educational Research

Research Interest Statement:
Adam Gamoran's current projects include:

1. Research on the short- and long-term effects of school desegregation and resegregation. One part of the study examines effects of high school composition on education and work outcomes using national surveys from students who attended high school in 1978-82 and 1988-92, with follow-up surveys 8-10 years later. A second part examines achievement trends in Nashville, TN, from 1996-2000, before and after the district was released from mandatory desegregation. 2. Study of the effects of teacher development for sustained, inquiry-based instruction in elementary science on student achievement. The study is a randomized trial involving 40 treatment and 40 control schools in Los Angeles, CA. 3. Study of the causal effects of social capital on child development. The research follows the impact of a parent-child after-school program designed to elevate social capital in 26 randomly-selected schools in San Antonio and Phoenix, compared to 26 randomly-selected control schools in the same communities.