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An R after the SSRI # in the SSRI # column indicates a revised version.
UW-AuthorCo-AuthorsTitleSSRI #Date
BALDWIN, RobertnoneDeterminants of the Commodity Structure of U.S. Trade6942Oct. 1969
BROCK, WILLIAM A.Charles F. ManskiCompetitive Lending with Partial Knowledge of Loan Repayment2008-03Sept. 1, 2008
Brock, William A.Anastasios XepapadeasPattern Formation, Spatial Externalities and Regulation in Coupled Economic-Ecological Systems2008-02May 17, 2008
Brock, William A.Ann Kinzig and Charles PerringsBiological Invasions, Biological Diversity and Trade2007-05July 2007
Brock, William A.Steven N. Durlauf, James M. Nason, and Giacomo RondinaSimple versus Optimal Rules as Guides to Policy2007-04March 15, 2007
Brock, William A.Cars Hommes and Florian WagenerMore Hedging Instruments May Destabilize Markets2006-08September 2006
Brock, William A.A. XepapadeasDiffusion-Induced Instability and Pattern Formation in Infinite Horizon Recursive Optimal Control 2006-04rrevised May 29, 2007
Brock, William A.Pietro Dindo and Cars HommesAdaptive Rational Equilibrium with Forward Looking Agents 2006-03March 31, 2006
Brock, William A.Stephen R. CarpenterVariance as a Leading Indicator of Regime Shift in Ecosystem Services 2006-022006
Brock, William A.Stephen R. CarpenterRising Variance: A Leading Indicator of Ecological Transition: A Manuscript for Ecology Letters 2005-18October 2005
Brock, William A.Stephen R. Carpenter and
Donald Ludwig
Uncertainty in Discount Models and Environmental Accounting 2005-15September 2005
Brock, William A.Stephen R. Carpenter and
Marten Scheffer
Regime Shifts, Environmental Signals, Uncertainty, and Policy Choice 2005-14September 2005
Brock, William A.Anastasios XepapadeasOptimal Control and Spatial Heterogeneity: Pattern Formation in Economic-Ecological Models2005-11July 2005
Brock, William A.Steven N. DurlaufSocial Interactions and Macroeconomics2005-02February 23, 2005
Brock, William A.Steven N. DurlaufLocal Robustness Analysis: Theory and Application
[See also Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control  Volume 29 2067-2092, 2005; or SSRI Reprint # 501].
2004-22November 5, 2004
Brock, William A.noneREVISED: Profiling Problems With Partially Identified Structure2004-21RRevised Nov. 30, 2005
Brock, William A.noneProfiling Problems With Partially Identified Structure2004-21Oct. 7, 2004
Brock, William A.Steven N. DurlaufMacroeconomics and Model Uncertainty2004-20October 12, 2004
Brock, William A.Steven N. Durlauf and Kenneth D. WestModel Uncertainty and Policy Evaluation: Some Theory and Empirics2004-19October 13, 2004
Brock, William A.Anastasios XepapadeasSpatial Analysis: Development of Descriptive and Normative Methods with Applications to Economic-Ecological Modelling2004-17Oct. 2, 2004
Brock, William A.M. Scott TaylorThe Green Solow Model2004-16June 1, 2004
Brock, William A.Steven DurlaufIdentification of Binary Choice Models with Social Interactions2004-02Rrevised Nov. 10, 2005
Brock, William A.noneTipping Points, Abrupt Opinion Changes, and Punctuated Policy Change2003-28Rrevised May 2004
Brock, William A.Steven N. DurlaufElements of a Theory of Design Limits to Optimal Policy2003-25Dec. 13, 2003
Brock, William A.W.D. DechertThe Lake Game2003-24Nov. 2000
Brock, William A.M. Scott TaylorEconomic Growth and the Environment: Matching the Stylized Facts2003-16Aug. 29, 2003
Brock, William A.Steven N. Durlauf
Kenneth D. West
Policy Evaluation in Uncertain Economic Environments2003-15June 1, 2003
Brock, William A.S.R. CarpenterSpatial Complexity, Resilience and Policy Diversity: Fishing on Lake-Rich Landscapes 2003-13July 8, 2003
Brock, William A. A. XepapadeasValuing Biodiversity from an Economic Perspective: A Unified Economic, Ecological and Genetic Approach
[See also The American Economic Review93, No. 5, pp. 1597-1614, Dec. 2003 or SSRI reprint #496].
2003-09April 2003
Brock, William A.M. Scott TaylorThe Kindergarten Rule of Sustainable Growth2003-08March 13, 2003
Brock, William A. Steven N. DurlaufMultinomial Choice with Social Interactions
[See also The Economy as an Evolving Complex System, III  Edited by L.E. Blume and S.N. Durlauf, pp. 175-206, Oxford University Press, Inc., 2006; or SSRI Reprint # 502].
2003-01Jan. 27, 2003
Brock, William A.Steve Carpenter
Garry Peterson
Uncertainty and the Management of Multi-state Ecosystems:  An Apparently Rational Route to Collapse2002-102002
Brock, William A.Donald Ludwig
Steve Carpenter
Optimal Phosphorus Loading for a Potentially Eutrophic Lake
[See also Ecological Applications  13 (4), 1135-1152, 2003; or SSRI Reprint # 493].
2002-9May 8, 2002
Brock, William A.Anastasios XepapadeasRegulating Nonlinear Environmental Systems Under Knightian Uncertainty2002-8April 2002
Brock, William A.Steven N. DurlaufA Multinomial Choice Model of Neighborhood Effects
[See also American Economic Review  92 (2), 298-303, May 2002; or SSRI Reprint # 487].
2002-4January 2002
Brock, William A.Cars H. HommesHeterogeneous beliefs and routes to complex dynamics in asset pricing models with price contingent contracts2002-3January 2002
Brock, William A.A. XepapadeasMosaic Management in Metapopulation Models: Optimal Management of Interrelated Species in Patchy Environments2001-24Sept. 20, 2001
Brock, William A.noneEconomics for Ecologists: A Reader's Guide 2001-21
In Chiwriter. Opens as an ascii file.
May 25, 2001
Brock, William A.Anastasios Xepapadeas Valuing Biodiversity from an Economic Perspective: A Unified Economic, Ecological and Genetic Approach 2001-17 See 2003-09
Brock, William A.Cars H. Hommes and Florian O. WagenerEvolutionary Dynamics in Financial Markets with Many Trader Types
[See also Journal of Mathematical Economics  41, pp. 7-42, 2005, Elsevier Inc.; or SSRI Reprint # 499].
2001-07April 2001
Brock, William A.Anastasios XepapadeasOptimal Ecosystem Management when Species Compete for Limiting Resources
[See also Journal of Environmental Economics and Management44, pp. 189-220, 2002 or SSRI reprint #490]
2027 November 2000
Brock. William A.D. StarrettNoncovexities in Ecological Management Problems 2026 April 1999
Brock. William A.Steven N. DurlaufGrowth Empirics and Reality
[See also The World Bank Economic Review15, No. 2, pp. 229-272, 2001 or SSRI reprint #480].
2024R revised March 8, 2001
Brock. William A.noneSome Mathematical Tools for Analyzing Complex-Nonlinear Systems 2020 September 2000
Brock, William AnoneEconomics of Environmental Regulation
[Under the Theme on "Fundamental Economics" in Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), EOLSS Publishers, Oxford UK, 2001 (to appear)].
2009March 22, 2000
Brock, William A.noneChaos Theory 2008 March 2000
Brock, William A. Steven N. DurlaufDiscrete Choice with Social Interactions
[See also The Review of Economic Studies  68 (2), 235-260, April 2001; or SSRI Reprint # 486].
2007 May 15, 2000
Brock, William A. noneScaling in Economics: A Reader's Guide
[See also Industrial and Corporate Change  8 (3), 409-446, 1999; or SSRI Reprint # 471].
9912March 18, 1999
Brock, William A.noneWhither Nonlinear?
[See also Jrl of Economic Dynamics and Control  24, 663-678, 2000; or SSRI Reprint #475].
9911Dec. 18, 1997
Brock, William A.Steven N. DurlaufInteractions-Based Models
[See also Handbook of Econometrics, Volume 5, Chpt54, pp. 3297-3380, Edited by Heckman and Leamer, Elsevier Science B.V., 2001 or SSRI Reprint #481]
9910Rrevised Jan. 27, 2000
Brock, William A.noneComplexity-Based Methods in Cycles and Growth: Any Potential Value-Added?
(See also SSRI reprint #477)
9908Jan. 1999
Brock, William A.Steve R. Carpenter and Paul C. HansonEcological and Social Dynamics in Simple Models of Ecosystem Management
from Conservation Ecology
9905Jan. 27, 1999
Brock, William A.S.R. Carpenter and D. LudwigManagement of Eutrophication for Lakes Subject to Potentially Irreversible Change
[See also Ecological Applications  9 (3), 751-771, 1999; or SSRI Reprint # 468].
9825October 23,
Brock, William A.Cars H. HommesRational Animal Spirits 9823October 1998
Brock, William A.Anastasios XepapadeasOptimal Management In Tilmania: A Competitive Species Assembly Constrained by a Limiting Factor9817August 1998
Brock, William A.Steven N. DurlaufA Formal Model of Theory Choice in Science
[See also Economic Theory  14, 113-130, 1999; or SSRI Reprint # 467].
9707April 1997
Brock, William A.Cars H. HommesModels of Complexity in Economics and Finance9706April 1997
Brock, William A.Patrick de FontnouvelleExpectational Diversity in Monetary Economics
[See also Jrl. of Econ. Dynamics & Control  24, 725-759, 2000; or SSRI Reprint #476].
9624RDec. 1997
Brock, William A.Cars H. HommesHeterogeneous Beliefs and Routes to Chaos in a Simple Asset Pricing Model
[See also The Jrl. of Econ. Dynamics & Control 22 1235-1274, 1998; or SSRI reprint # 466]
9621RJune 1997
Brock, William A.noneAsset Price Behavior in Complex Environments
[See also SSRI reprint # 456]
April 1996
Brock, William A.Cars H. HommesA Rational Route to Randomness
[See also Econometrica 65 (5), 1059-1095, Sept. 1997; or SSRI reprint #457]
9530RJuly 1996
Brock, William A.Pedro J.F. de LimaNonlinear Time Series, Complexity Theory, and Finance
[See also SSRI reprint #447]
9523Sept. 1995
Brock, William A.Steven N. DurlaufDiscrete Choice With Social Interactions I: Theory
See also WP2007
9521 Sept. 1995

May 2000

Brock, William A.W.D. Dechert,
B. LeBaron and
J.A. Scheinkman
A Test for Independence Based on the Correlation Dimension
[See also Econometric Reviews 15 (3), 197-235, 1996; or SSRI reprint #444]
9520 in postscript1995
Brock, William A.Cars H. HommesRational Routes to Randomness
[See also Econometrica 65 (5), 1059-1095, Sept. 1997; or SSRI reprint #457]
9506Jan. 1995
Brock, William A.none
Pathways to Randomness in the Economy: Emergent Nonlinearity and Chaos in Economics and Finance
[See also SSRI reprint #410]
9302Aug. 1993
Brock, William A.Larry SamuelsonConvergence of Learning Schemes on Supermodular Games9219Aug. 14, 1992
Brock, William A.Ehung G. BaekA Nonparametric Test for Independence of a Multivariate Time Series92041992
Brock, William A.Simon M. PotterDiagnostic Testing for Nonlinearity, Chaos and General Dependence in Time Series Data9112July 1991
Brock, William A.noneUnderstanding Macroeconomic Time Series Using Complex Systems Theory9111July 1991
Brock, William A.Ehung G. BaekSome Theory of Statistical Inference for Nonlinear Science: Expanded Version
[See also Review of Economic Studies 58 697-716, 1992; or SSRI reprint #395]
9101Jan. 1991
Brock, William A. Josef Lakonishok and Blake LeBaron Simple Technical Trading Rules and the Stochastic Properties of Stock Returns
[See also the Jrl of Finance 47 (5), Dec. 1992; or SSRI reprint #398]
9022RJan. 1992
Brock, William A.noneA Possible Unification of Some Results on Learning Dynamics in Games9019Aug. 1990
Brock, William A.W.D. Dechert
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Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Instability and Chaos in Economics90171990
Brock, William A.Ehung G. Baek The Theory of Statistical Inference for Nonlinear Science: Gauge Functions Complexity Measures, and Instability Measures 8817Aug. 1988
Brock, William A.Ehung G. Baek A Nonparametric Test for Temporal Dependence in a Vector of Time Series8816Aug. 1988
Brock, William A.noneHicksian Nonlinearity8815May 1988
Brock, William A.noneOverlapping Generations Models with Money and Transactions Costs8809Feb. 1988
Brock, William A.W.D. DechertTheorems on Distinguishing Deterministic From Random Systems
[See also SSRI reprint #366]
8701Jan. 1987
Brock, William A.Chera L. SayersIs the Business Cycle Characterized by Deterministic Chaos?
[See also Jrl of Monetary Economics 22(1988); or SSRI reprint #364]
8617June 1986
Brock, William A.noneEconomic Dynamics: An Optimal Control Framework8608May 1986
Brock, William A.noneDistinguishing Random and Deterministic Systems8509Aug. 1985
Brock, William A.Mukul Majumdar On Characterizing Optimal Competitive Programs in Terms of Decentralizable Conditions 8508April 1985
Brock, William A.Gary Chamberlain Spectral Analysis Cannot Tell a Macroeconometrician Whether His Time Series Came From a Stochastic Economy or a Deterministic Economy 8419Oct. 1984
Brock, William A.David S. Evans Optimal Regulatory Design with Heterogeneous Firms and Administrative Costs 8317Dec. 1983
Brock, William A.W.D. DechertThe Generalized Maximum Principle8316Dec. 1983
Brock, William A.noneContestable Markets and the Theory of Industry Structure: A Review Article8310June 1983
Brock, William A.Donald HesterOwnership and the Valuation of Corporate Equities8309May 1983
Brock, William A.Michael Rothschild and Joseph StiglitzStochastic Capital Theory
[See also SSRI reprint #373]
8303March 1983
Brock, William A.nonePricing, Predation, and Entry Barriers in Regulated Industries8228Oct. 1982
Brock, William A.noneIncreasing Returns and Indeterminate Rate Bases 8225Oct. 1982
Brock, William A.W.D. DechertDynamic Ramsey Pricing8218June 1982
Brock, William A.Jose A. ScheinkmanPrice-Setting Supergames with Capacity Constraints8130RSept. 1981
Brock, William A.Jose A. ScheinkmanFree Entry and the Sustainability of Natural Monopoly: Bertrand Revisited by Cournot8126Sept. 1981
Brock, William A.Stephen P. MageePublic Utility Regulation in Intertemporal Equilibrium8021Nov. 1980
Brock, William A.Stephen J. TurnovskyThe Analysis of Macroeconomic Policies in Perfect Foresight Equilibrium80101980
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