Photo of Clock TowerThe Department of Economics at the University of Wisconsin - Madison is a top teaching and research department comprised of a dedicated group of faculty, staff and students who lead the field in current economic issues.

The mission of the department is to understand the decisions of businesses and consumers as well as the implications and causes of contemporary economic issues by developing a systematic and thorough understanding of precisely how economic systems operate.

Ours is one of the fastest growing departments here at the University due to the relevance of our subject matter in current affairs, and the excellent reputation of teaching and scholarship within the department.

Spring 2016 Newsletter

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Summer Enrollment Information

Information for enrolling in both online and in-person courses is here. There is information for every enrollment type.

2015-16 Job Market

The list of 2015-16 Job Market Candidates is live and available here.

Steven Durlauf and Understanding Inequality

Thomas Piketty, Kevin Murphy, and Steven Durlauf discuss the sources of the rise in inequality in advanced industrialized countries over the past 40 years.

A Career in's much more than you think

Are you here just wondering what studying Econ is about? Take a look at this video just out from the American Economic Association.

Can Economists Explain the Falling Marriage Rate?

The Minneapolis StarTribune asks UW Professor Randy Wright to weigh in on the effects of low tax and low inflation periods on marriage rates in the US and Canada.

West on U.S. Monetary Policy

UW Economics Professor Kenneth West’s research on monetary policy has recently received national press coverage.  Read the coverage in the Wall St. Journal, the Economist magazine, Bloomberg, and the New York Times.

Sandholm on the Superbowl

On WISC-TV News, UW Economics professor Bill Sandholm uses game theory to analyze the Seahawks' much-criticized play call at the end of the Superbowl. See what he had to say about the Seahawks' final offensive play.

Productivity, Profits and the Global Economy - Edward Lazear

Edward Lazear (PhD, Harvard, '74) will give a free public lecture on Wednesday, November 12th at 4 pm in the Marquee Theater in Union South.

Lazear is founder of the Journal of Labor Economics and a contributor to the Wall Street Journal. He is currently at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and once served as Chief Economic Advisor to President George W. Bush.

Todd Warnock, BA’83, Establishes Endowed Chair

Alumnus, Todd Warnock, gives back to growing economics major.  Endowed chair will ensure that economics students today have access to the same outstanding professors he experienced as an economics major more than 30 years ago. For more details, click here

Economics Professor Steven Durlauf discussing Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Professor Durlauf's discussion starts at 1:04:00

Stephen Roach ('68 Alum) spoke as part of the 2014 China and Global Economics Lecture Series

Dr.Roach is a senior fellow at Yale University's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs and a former chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia.

A video of the presentation can be found here

Econ alum and President of the Boston Fed, Eric Rosengren was featured in a recent Slate article

UW Economics Alum Appointed to Social Security Advisory Board by President Obama

Alan Cohen (PhD ’79) was appointed to the Social Security Advisory Board by President Obama. Read the full press release.