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CDHA Training Seminar

CDHA's weekly seminar series is a training series at the University of Wisconsin campus. See a complete CDHA Training Seminar schedule.

Special Events

Online Course: Understanding Social and Economic Data, August 24 - December 7 Every Thursday Afternoon
Tracking the Lives of Wisconsin 1957 High School Graduates, September 26
Hilldale Lecture in the Social Sciences, September 28
Annual Colloquium on Aging, October 12
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RAND Postdoctoral Training Program in the Study of Aging
(September 21, 2017)
RAND Corporation is acceptiong applications for its Postdoctoral Training Program in the Study of Aging...(Read more)

IRIS Call for Research Grant Proposals
(September 20, 2017)
The Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS) has a call for grant proposals using the IRIS data...(Read more)

Post-doctoral Resarch Scientists at Max Planck Institute
(September 7, 2017)
The Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR) is recruiting a couple post-doctoral research scientists ...(Read more)

Understanding Social and Economic Data
(August 11, 2017)
Wisconsin Federal Statistical Research Data Center (WiscRDC) is coordinating and hosting remote participation in a free online course, "Understanding Social and Economic Data"...(Read more)

Utilizing the Gateway to Global Aging Data
(August 9, 2017)
Finalized Harmonized Data from Mexico (Mexican Health and Aging Study, MHAS), version A has just been released...(Read more)

Other Seminars

CDE DemSem

Department of Population Health Sciences Monday Seminars

Global Health Institute

Institute on Aging